About Us

Crocus Hill Estates is here for our community.  Families of all ages and stages of life are welcome, along with their pets.

Our Story

In 2008 we opened Crocus Hill Estates as an active living space for people to enjoy a comfortable beautiful home. Families of all ages and stages are welcome, along with their pets.

If your folks are in transition, encourage them to take a tour and talk to the tenants. Moving from a large home takes planning and work. Once Crocus is your home it is easy to transition quickly without the wait of “having to sell your house” should your health needs change, and it keeps things simpler for all the family.

We’re here for our community. Crocus Hill Estates has room for you. Come look! Invite a friend.


• Suites include air conditioning, outdoor living space.
• Rental costs are all inclusive of taxes and utilities.
• Gardening space for those who love to grow veggies.
• Yardcare is done by the caretaker.
• Workshop is open for those who like to build projects.
• Meals can be delivered to tenants from Service to Seniors.